PDF master class about creating a moth
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Master class in Russian

The master class for creating a moth consists of 2 parts.

The first one contains a lot of theory:

  • What is wool and what is better for the task;
  • The needles and holders for them;
  • About threads and stitching on a wool;
  • A lot of things about felting pads;
  • About treatment and saturation;
  • Toning and colorization;
  • Eyes for toys, how to make or where to buy;
  • What kind of wire is better.

The second part is practical, the step-by-step guide for creating a moth with pictures and comments. Secrets about how to make thin wings from wool, paws, antennae and needlework.

The master class suits everyone, but it is better that you tried felting at least once. And if something is not clear or you have troubles with the process message me, I will help.

Please note that this tutorial is in PDF format.

You can pay with Bank of Georgia and Sberbank cards. PayPal is available as well.

The master class costs 1800 rubles (70 lari).

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